Thursday, July 21, 2011

It Takes a Thief Finally Coming to DVD October 11, 2011

It Takes a Thief - eOne Announces 'The Complete Series' of the 1968 Robert Wagner Show
18-DVD set with all 3 seasons and bonus material will ship in October

Alexander Mundy is the world's greatest cat burglar...until the day he gets caught. But thievery skills are an asset in the world of espionage, so Mundy is pardoned when he agrees to use his wily ways to help steal for the U.S. Government. 6-time Golden Globe Nominee Robert Wagner (Austin Powers, "Hart to Hart") stars in his TV debut. Star-studded guests include Fred Astaire, Bette Davis, Peter Sellers and many more.

We've told you in the past that eOne Entertainment was working on a DVD release of Robert Wagner in It Takes a Thief - The Complete Series. Our most recent update was last Christmas Eve, with the expectation that we'd see the show come home in the Summer 2011 timeframe. That obviously moved, and now eOne has informed retailers that the 18-DVD collectible set will be available at last on October 11th.

Priced at $199.98 SRP, you will get all 3 seasons of the classic TV show from the late '60s, presented in the original full screen video format with English mono audio. There are English subtitles on board, too. Also included you'll find extras such as a Retrospective Featurette, a New Robert Wagner interview, the "Magnificent Thief" version of the Pilot Episode, "A Matter of Larceny" Interview with Glen A. Larson, and a Collectible Photo Book. Finalized package art hasn't been provided yet, but here's an early graphic that suggests which direction they're heading in. There's also a link to an listing for the title, but the big e-tailer isn't accepting pre-orders as of this writing. Check back, though!

Click below to pre-order.

It Takes a Thief - The Complete Series

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