Thursday, January 13, 2011

Robert Wagner to Voice Charlie in ABC’s Charlie’s Angels Reboot

ABC's long-gestating reboot of Charlie's Angels is a bit closer to reality today: The network has officially given the thumbs-up to producers Sony Pictures Television and Drew Barrymore to begin filming a pilot for the revival. Smallville vets Al Gough and Miles Millar are show-runners on the new Angels, which moves the action down to Miami. Casting sessions for Angels 3.0 (we're just going to forget about the pilot for Angles '88) began last week, with producers looking at both newcomers and more established actresses. Vulture hears one key part may already be filled, however: the voice of Charlie.

We've confirmed those Internet rumors that former Hart to Hart star Robert Wagner, who turns 81 next month, is in talks to serve as the Angels' unseen boss (the late John Forsythe was the original). We had been hoping the remake might utilize a more contemporary voice for the part (think Will Smith, or maybe even Barrymore). But our spies say that Wagner's casting is related to an old deal the actor had with original Angels producer Aaron Spelling that gave Wagner a stake in the Angels TV franchise. Wagner unsuccessfully sued Sony for a share of the profits from the movie versions of Angels, but he might have been able to make trouble for Sony had the studio tried to do a new TV version without his blessing. Paying Wagner to voice Charlie seems like a clever way to avoid any future headaches.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pieces of Robert Wagner’s Heart

The ageless Robert Wagner was the guest speaker at the Westside Center for Independent Living’s Holiday Tea. He spoke about his latest book, Pieces of My Heart – A Life, and reminisced about his long show business career, while answering questions about his life and book.

The octogenarian actor, who is still one handsome hunk, is slated to portray Charlie Townsend in the new Charlie's Angels remake. He has big shoes to fill – as the late, great John Forsythe was in the original TV series. But our money is on robust Robert to thrill the ladies – as he did at the Westside Holiday Tea.