Thursday, March 27, 2008


This year, on Feb. 10, RJ's 78th birthday, Jill brought all of the family to their house in Aspen for the celebration -- which included the apple of RJ's eye, grandson of 14 months, Riley Wagner-Lewis , son of daughter Katie and husband Leif Lewis. RJ returns for more segments this season in the "Two and a Half Men" series. "I just love it," says Wagner. "It is the highlight of my career" -- which is saying a lot since his career include hundreds of TV shows ("Hart to Hart") as well as bigscreen comedies such as two "Austin Powers." Today, Wagner is readying to start 20th-Fox cable's "Pretty & Handsome" with Ryan Murphy. And he's prepping to produce two features: "The Nick of Time," by Ted Bell, a children's story, and another with producers Bob Papazian and Jim Hirsch, "Gone to Wichita" a contemporary Western. RJ acknowledges getting a film launched today as compared to the halcyon days of Hollywood is not easy. "Back then," he recalled, "I shook hands with people -- and we had a deal.")

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