Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Netherbeast Incorporated

Two Gilbert brothers started shooting their first full-length feature film this week, and they chose the Valley as their backdrop.

Brian Ronalds is producing and acting in the movie called Netherbeast Incorporated. His brother Dean is directing and producing the film.

Netherbeast Incorporated is being described as "a quirky twist of the vampire tale, set in modern-day corporate America." The movie is based on a short film the brothers produced and is described as a comedy.

"The film that we're making now is right up our alley," Brian said. "We quit our day jobs last year, and we were given the opportunity to make movies."

Eighty percent of the movie is being shot at Hollywood Phoenix Studios in Avondale, and the remainder is being shot in Phoenix. Brian said he and his brother are hoping for a theatrical release of the movie in January.

The brothers recruited a well-known cast for the film. Robert Wagner, who appeared in the Austin Powers films, joins Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club, Jason Mewes from the Clerks movies, Amy Davidson from 8 Simple Rules, and Darrell Hammond from Saturday Night Live.

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