Monday, August 01, 2005

Can't golf? This is the tourney for you

It's time to get trashed.

The 13th-annual Trashmasters golf tourney comes down in Snowmass on Friday. It's Realtor Boone Schweitzer's charity game, which rewards players for making really bad shots. And he has names for them - like the the "Billie," in honor of Bill Clinton for a lie so bad it's unplayable. (The joke's getting old, but it's a classic.) And there's the "Willie," named for Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again." A bad backswing is a CEO. "It's for a little jerk at the top," says Schweitzer.

Over the years many bold names have played the game, including Dan Quayle, Michael Douglas, Chip Beck ("Mr. 59") and Wayne Rogers. This year Robert Wagner will play. And Woody Paige's ESPN show "Cold Pizza" is coming to Snowmass to cover the tourney and interview the more colorful Trashmasters live. FORE!

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